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Monday, February 20, 2012

All about ON GAURD!

I would like to spotlight an oil and some of its other products doTERRA has to offer. Please visit my intro to oils blog post if you haven't read it already. Then from there i have a top 10 blog post as well!

As always you can find all our products on my site and can email from the site as well for info on how to order and get started w/ doTERRA!

Support immune function with ON GAURD products! My family and I have personally used each and everyone of these products i am spolighting. They are amazing. At first the smell was so different i didnt like it much- Clove, Cinnimon, Eucalyptus and a few other oils make up this blend. Now that i am used to it and we use it daily its not bad at all. It was just different at first.

Lets start off with the Blend ON GAURD this comes in a 15ml bottle (about 240 drops) and is a blend of Clove, Cinnimon, Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, and rosemary. This blend supports healthy immune funtion. It is also safe to use on counters for cleaning or to clear the air of germs by diffusing. This blend is safe for aromatic use, topical use and internal use. You can take in capsules to fight off a cold. Personally i rub on the bottoms of the familys feet and diffuse into the air when something is going around. I avoided the flu 2x this winter while the kids got it...i thank my on gaurd for this! This retails for $43, which is MUCH cheaper than multiple visits to a doctors office for prescriptions and such!

Next we have the ON GAURD protection throat drops. These are strong! But will kick a sore throat to the curb....(ok i am prly not as funny as i think, but i try!) These drops are made w/ organic brown rice syrup and oranic cane juice. They defend against pathogenic microbes of the mouth and throat. It also helps soothe and calm sore throats.

This next product is at each sink in our house! Its the awesome foaming hand wash. It lasts awhile too. We all know washing your hands often help to stop the spread of germs and using this wash w/ the ON GAURD in it make sure the bad stuff is killed! I suggest getting the 2 pack and wash...it gives you 2 soap pumps that are refillable and 1 16oz bottle of wash.

And last but not least ON GAURD Toothpaste!!! My favorite part about this product is that is is FLOURIDE FREE!!! See here why i think flouride free is the best way to go. With this product you will protect against  germs and pothegens all while reducing plauqe and whitening teeth with gentle polishing agents. The  unique flavor of cinnamon w/ xylitol leaves your mouth and toothbrush fresh and clean!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit how to ward off sickness and such with our amazing line of ON GAURD products. If you follow the link to my site it does have prices...but if you buy things in a kit and become a member you get a very good discount! As always we have an amazing compensation plan that i will spolight soon!

Thank you for reading and i appreciate any and all feedback! My goal is to help people thru doTERRA!

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