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Friday, January 11, 2013

2 of my Fav things, Pregnancy and Essential Oils!

While in salt lake I attended a class taught by a Midwife  who uses the oils in her practice in all aspects of pregnancy, labor and delivery! She taught us what oils are most useful and also suggested some things to do with them during labor and postpartum. I took notes best I could and thought I would share some of what I learned.

As always you need to feel comfortable and consult your Midwife or OB. But keep in mind they may not know the wonderful benefits of Essential Oils. Also keep in mind that we are talking about doTERRA eo's and they are a very high quality, pure oil. These are safe to ingest...most oils you buy at a health food store only have to contain 15% pure oil to be considered pure....so many have fillers and chemicals in them. I do NOT recommend any besides doterra since I have used them thru 2 pregnancy's so far, I do trust the product.

Oils are safe while pregnant-
      - Use common sense (STOP if you have an obv reaction!)
      - All doTERRA oils are safe

Solutions during pregnancy

     - Nausea and Indigestion
          - Peppermint (under tounge, rub on temples or chest)
          - DigestZen (drink or rub on chest)
          - Ginger, Fennel and Sandalwood
     - Morning sickness
          - lavender (diffuse or rub on )
     - Muscle Aches
          - Aromatouch, Pastetense, lavender
     - Stretch Marks
          - Immortelle
     - Water Retention/Swelling
          - Grapefruit and lemon in drinking water
          - Aromatouch for circulation on feet/ankles

Miscarriage ( my heart goes out to moms who have experienced this...)

     - Clary Sage rubbed on your pinky toe will help w/ hormonal balance
     - Deep Blue is great for muscle pain and such
     - Solace is great for cramps and emotional balance...
     - Balance/Elevation for depression or blues

In Labor
     - Balance applied to feet or diffused in moms room
     - Serenity or Elevation, these help reduce anxiety, stimulates labor and is calming or gives energy
     - Deep Blue (roll on), Pastense, peppermint and black pepper are all great for pain
     - Wild orange and Balance diffused in room

     - Perineal Support, 20 drops of Helichrysum w/ 2 TBS of FCO  and apply on area
     - Breech baby, apply peppermint to help turn baby

New Baby
     - Frankensense, apply to crown, head and spinal area
     - Myrhh, apply on the umbilicall cord
     - Balance on bottoms of feet to help ground and align baby
     - Melissa on bottoms of feet to repair stresses

Postpartum (babymoon!)
     - Tummy Cramps, White Fir and Lavender
     - Peri Pain, Immortelle & FCO in a spray bottle apply as needed
     - Balance on everyones feet! Mom, baby...daddy!

Postpartum Depression (please let someone know how you are feeling...)
     - Diffuse the following blend
          - 1 drop of Rose, 1 drop of Wild Orange and 3 drops of Sandalwood
          - Lavender
          - Citrus Bliss or Elevation

New Baby Care
     - Frankensence on back and Balance on feet to help balance body systems
     - Jaundice, Geranium and Lemon on feet to help support the liver in breaking up biliruben
     - Colic and Tummy Aches,  DigestZen or Fennel on tummy
     - Teething, Clove or White Fur on gums

These are just SOME of the wonderful things EO's can help with while pregnant. Please remember if one oil doesnt work for you try something else. Not everyone reacts the same to every oil. I personally love the peppermint for tummy aches, DigestZen for heartburn, Lavender for restlessness and On Gaurd to keep myself healthy! Those are just some of my favorites :)

Hope you enjoyed and learned some things. Feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions on how doterra has helped you in your pregnancy!


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