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Monday, November 12, 2012

1st Trimester ride!

So yes it is true Zech baby # 5 is now on its way and we are 12 weeks and 2 days along in this pregnancy. It is so exciting and we feel very blessed. These last 12 weeks have been a roller coaster ride in emotions and physical limitations as well.

This story actually starts out in July, well before this pregnancy. We found out we were expecting in July and this was a huge surprise to us, but we went thru our emotions, scared, nervous then of course excited....but sadly just as quickly as we found out we were expecting we found out that it was in fact a chemical pregnancy and would not be having a new bundle. But Z and I are strong in our faith in God and are ok w/ what has happened. In light of everything that had happened we both prayed, talked and eventually decided to let God decide when we would have another zech baby come along to us. I personally was hoping to get pregnant next spring, i think Z knew it would be the following month, he was right LOL! But ultimately God is in control and knows what he is doing. So 2 months later we found out that we are indeed going to be parents to another gift in May 2013. We have always known we wanted a big family, our children are amazing and teach us so much! We are super blessed and i am thankful!

So at the beginning of September on our way home from Family Camp in Bozeman, MT i KNEW something was up, i was So sick, way more than normal. I usually am pretty motion sick but i can normally let Z drive for 45 min of the trip so i can sleep (after family camp moms need naps!) but it made me very motion sick. And i took over driving and was sick all the way home. We even stopped 2x so i could rest. Anyways little did i know this was the beginning of morning sickness! Now most people would think i have delt w/ this before having 4 babes already, but nope this mama has been so lucky! I never knew how lucky i was. 1 week after conception it all started, and it is still going on, but MUCH MUCH better than it was for 9 weeks. 

I have a new found appreciation for women who have this and will always try to be more aware and helpful to those around me. I found myself unable to get off the couch all day w/o feeling so ill. I couldn't clean, feed my children or myself. It was awful. This constant on the couch lasted close to 6 weeks. This is where i learned a whole new appreciation for my husband. I have always been thankful and appreciated his ability's to be a wonderful husband, father and man of God. Zac stepped it up so much that he would take days off for me when it was overwhelmingly bad, when i could only cry and sleep. He cooked, cleaned and let me sleep all i needed. He took care of our children so well and didnt ever make me feel guilty about not doing a thing around here. I am so lucky and blessed to have such an amazing man. He just does what needs to be done, over and over w/o complaining....he is a great example to me. There were friends who also have helped w/ doing laundry for me, bringing meals, and just coming over and letting me know that it isnt that bad and i am doing OK! Coming up w/ helpful tips...like using disposable dishes!!! HELLO, best idea ever really.And Chloie, my sweet 1stborn daughter, she has been such a help....it took her awhile to understand why i didnt feel well and what helped me the most...she would make dinner (pb&js) and unload/load the dishwasher because she knew it helped me <3

Anyways w/ me being so sick i was convinced it was twins and so were some other moms around me. So at 7 weeks i HAD to go in and get an ultrasound just to see what was going on. I am impatient and after our july pregnancy i needed to SEE this baby. Well not to much surprise (to me!) there were in fact 2 babies in my belly! How blessed! but the MW explained to me she didnt think baby B would make it and called it a Vanishing Twin Syndrome. But baby A had a good heartbeat and looked good for a sac/fetal pole LOL. She told me to come back in 2 weeks and we would check everything else. Well, i spent the next week living a world of emotions, hopefull for this baby b, sad for it, happy 1 had a hb, sad...hopefull...confused! It was so frusterating to not know what was going on. I read alot of stories online, looked at alot of twin ultrasounds on google. I was hopefully because God is amazing and does truely amazing things all the time. So after just 1 week i called and begged her to let me look again. I needed to see if that 2nd baby was ok or gone. It was infact nowhere to be found, but the one remaining baby had a great HB of 170 and was starting to look like a baby! yay!! Praise God for 1 healthy baby! Tyler will tell you that God just wanted that other baby w/ him now and took him up to heaven.....that sweet boy is smart...and fills my heart with LOVE. This vanishing twin explains why i have had such a hard time w/ sickness. It all makes sense. I do not know if we will have more children after this. I mean we were in survival mode only....and that is hard to do w/ such a big family.

I  wanted to share this story w/ my friends and family, i feel in order to understand this pregnancy i needed to share. Zac and I are so excited to welcome another zech baby into our home, this will be the Tie Breaker, boy or girl....blue eyes or brown! We will find out when we deliver at home in may! Also i am so excited to be planning another home waterbirth! I also plan on training/tracking my progress w/ kettlebells thru and after this pregnancy. But i have been unable to workout for 12 weeks now, hopefully i will be able to start swinging and snatching SOON! I am sure there is alot i am forgetting to share, ask questions if you want!!!!