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We are a family for God living in Montana. As a family we enjoy playing the WII, Kettlebells and playing outdoors!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being a mommy and Kettlebells!

This blog is all about being a mommy and kettlebells!!! 2 things that are very much important in my life :)

Now i am not the best at sticking w/ a routine and i am what i call a "lazy" workout lady :) LOL i sit and take my breaks often...and it often takes me longer to complete a workout than most people!! But i do love working out and feel that even tho i am doing it slower than others i am doing SOMETHING! I am moving and i am building muscle and changing shape (in a few different ways! LOL)

I am journaling my pregnancy kb journey and will have a blog hopefully 3 months postpartum w/ pregnancy workouts i did, pictures and postpartum workouts and pics too!!! ( Sept time!!!)

Anyways i wanted to link some awesome places that i pull from for ideas, encouragement and goals to work toward!

We will start w/ Lauren Brooks...she has books and dvd's out and has Free Workouts on her blog and also pregnancy and postpartum workouts/info!

And Strong KB Moms on FB

This book i own and have read 2x now...i will keep referring to it during my trimester changes and for postpartum workout ideas!

You cant talk about Kb's and awesome women w/o this lady right here! She is so STRONG!!!

Now this is a group of ladies i always refer my friends and familiy to when they first start out w/ kbs!!!

And last but not least, my personal trainer w/o him i wouldnt have the motivation and know how to even have gotten started w/ Kettlebells....i hope we can one day open our own KB business...the 2 of us and our children!!!

So thats it, my fav KB sites...quick and to the point. have fun looking around and i hope you get inspired to go workout today!!! Grab a KB and get swinging!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Christmas Letter 2012

So i was only able to make up 30 cards this year which was clearly not enough for everyone!!! So i decided i would do a blog post of our Christmas letter and a couple Fav Photo's of the year~ Enjoy!!!! And um Merry Christmas LOL :)

Hello family and friends!!!

We are excited to share our past year w/ you all. It has been a wonderful year ...we are so blessed and thankful! We got to travel lots..went to MI, Bozeman a few times, Utah, WY and even MI again! I love taking our children places. They learn so much being able to work as a family and travel. We also have been involved in sports and weight training! We love spending a lot of time doing things with the church. Ladies Advance, Mens Peaks, Family camp and several other happenings! And yes we are expecting Zech baby #5 in May, we are so excited that we are being blessed w/ another bundle! The kids are very excited and love talking about the new baby and everything that goes along with it. We cannot wait to see, boy or girl....blue eyes or brown!!! I will go thru each child and some accomplishments and memorable moments thru 2012!

Lets start w/ the smallest! Cullen Warren is such a fun boy! He looks a lot like his daddy and is a pesty fella just like Z is! He has slept thru the night in his own crib since 10 months old and goes to bed w/o a peep most nights. He loves food...anyone's food. He is like a puppy, will go around and say “bite, bite” and how can anyone say no to him....you can't! Cullen is very friendly and will have strangers falling in love with him. We are often told, while out and about, how sweet he is, and how they were entertained by him during dinner, bball game ect....haha! He likes to say: applesauce, bebe (belly), moot (smootch), Es Pease (yes please), Hulk mash, and he always responds (almost always) yes mom or yes dad when he is asked too!

Next up is Cullen's Irish Twin....MYRA! This girl is so sassy and smart! She loves superheros just like her brother and cousins. She pretends to be Iron Man or Hulk, and can quote parts of the movie, which is funny to hear a 2yo girl say “Hulk SMASH” or “Ant...Boot!”. Myra does gymnastics 1x a week and has a lot of energy for her class...its a good thing either Z or I do it w/ her...or she would run the show I am certain! Myra potty trained shortly after 2yo and then learned to climb out of the crib! She currently shares a bed (full size) w/ big sissy Chloie....they love to snuggle!

Tyler oh, my sweet blue eyed boy! Tyler is doing home preschool w/ me! We took a long break while I had a rough start to this pregnancy, but we are getting back into the swing of things. He loves to learn and play superheros. His best friend is his cousin Jackson. They miss each other after just 2 days of being separated! Tyler is also in gymnastics and is doing very well! He is athletic and has so much fun doing his class. We are in the process of finding out why he is having asthma problems. We know for sure he is allergic to cats, dogs and mold. We don't use his inhaler much maybe 1 or 2x/month...but he has breathing issues sometimes up to 3x a week. So we are trying to find out whats causing everything and to fix it naturally not mask w/ drugs... I can't believe he will be starting school in Aug 2013!!!

Our Chloie girl is going to be 9 on 12/12/12!!! I cant believe it! This sweet girl is in the 3rd grade and doing well. She plays softball in the spring, gymnastics in the fall and basketball in the winter! Busy girl and so athletic! She has done very well w/ improvement in all the sports she has learned. She loves to write, draw and play with her siblings, she is such a great big sister. Also she is learning to help me around the home more, she cleans...wants to cook and helps take care of the littles. She is becoming so responsible, growing up in a big family is challenge but so rewarding when you learn to work as a team....I love what the kids are learning!

As for Z and I, Z was a personal trainer most of the year and recently decided to stop training and spend more time w/ the family...when I was sick he ran the ship plus worked his job. He truly is amazing and we are lucky to have him! Training is his passion, so one day he will be training again! We still train at home, Z way more than I. I have had a wonderful year of growing and learning as a Christian and as a mother! I am so thankful for the blessings and the road that we have taken ....I am really trying to educate those around Great Falls on the wonderful benefit of Essential Oils. Also teaching Tyler preschool and maintaining our home. I am so thankful to have such wonderful, loving and Fun kids. I love each day with them. 

Well that is our year in a nutshell on how everyone is doing! We are on Facebook and have a blog that I update occasional. Zech Crew and Oils too! On Blogger is where you can find us! We hope your year has been as blessed as ours! We miss a lot of you who are far away from us and cant wait to visit again!

Zac, Melissa, Chloie, Tyler, Cullen, Myra and new baby Zech!