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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A new edition!

Before i get fully started on this blog entry....a little history!

1 year ago we started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University thru a local church here. Even tho we took some heat for doing it (it was wed nights at a different church) we stand by the decision and it was the best decision we could have made!!! I highly suggest doing whatever you can to attend the course it ran for 2 months i believe...well worth the time. Anyways we were challenged to get our finances in order and to become debt free and start an extra savings...and eventually pay our student loans and house off!! ( <--- this is in the future for us!) Anyways with a few months of setting up a budget and applying the "debt snowball" principle we were able to pay off all our credit cards, medical bills, small loans and other bills hanging out there!!!! Oh big part of what we do is monthly or every other monthly budget meetings to adjust if need be ...decide what to do with every dollar you have coming in. OH and we tithe now regularly...whereas before it took a back seat...now its the first envelope i pay next to grocery envelope haha! We praise God for this knowledge that was shared with us, and we even started our second savings. It took hard work and drive to stay on track. We do a monthly budget and lots of envelopes.

Fast forward about a year later and we still have no credit cards or loan debt (besides student loans) We do have some medical that crept back up again. Anyways we have been saving and saving. We had planned to start another envelope for a "bigger zech mobile" to save up for the next 2 years. Well an opportunity has come up and with how diligent we have been we have purchased our very first vehicle IN CASH!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited and feeling very blessed!!!!

This comes at a time where we dont NEED another car just yet but we will soon...these kids are growing so FAST. But the opportunity came and we are so excited to have a bigger vehicle...we will now own 2 vehicles with NO payments. I cant explain how exciting this feels to say that...its AMAZING this feeling we have....I am now rejuvenated to start redoing the budget and saving even more....because now instead of a new car fund...we will have a new siding fund because our siding is falling apart!!!!

I also have been thinking...ok this is not the color of car i would want even tho its my favorite color. The year also is sad we still will not own a car with keyless entry HA! We are going to party like its 1999 tho WHOOP!!!! I dont even care about the year and color . Really its a GREAT running vehicle and it will fit all of us plus an extra AND has huge cargo space...that is what we truely need...not the bells and whistles of a new shiney car ....

Currently i haven't yet handed over all these 100's....but boy am i excited to do it!!!!

Also we have a serious naming of the vehicle vote going on...the top contenders so far are:
The lean Green Machine
She Hulk
Hulk Mobile (hulk machine)
Turtle Mobile (or Turtile machine)
Leonardo....(tylers addition....)
Sparty?!!! (zac, what do you think of this one?!)

Anyways, here she is the new addition to our family!!!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

8 months post baby journey

I am now at the 8 month post partum journey! After I had Cullen I started doing Zumba at 6 weeks post partum and loved it. During Leona's pregnancy I used kettlebells almost the whole time, I did listen to my body and take time off when needed. Sickness the first 12 weeks kept me down, and some pain in the end. But I did workout regularly when I was able.

41 weeks pregnant baby #5

This time after delivery I waited 4 weeks to begin using kettlebells again. Our good friends the Williams from WY. They came up on the 4th of July and we had a great workout!

I am going to Show progress pictures my hope is for it to be a inspiration to those who are post partum or even just work towards some goals.

I gained 45#s this pregnancy and currently at 6 months I have lost all pregnancy weight and back in pre-pregnancy jeans. Out of my 5 pregnancies this is the fastest I have lost all the weight and been able to fit my non-pregnancy clothes. Typically it takes me 9 to 12 months to get there. I credit it this time to my strength training with kettlebells.
I usually work out about 2x a week and I keep it simple swings, squats, presses and planks. I do have abdominal separation See here ---->http://www.befitmom.com/abdominal_separation.html. So that has been challenging. But I have a pretty knowledgeable trainer, who happens to be pretty handsome.

I am going to post some pictures of my post partum journey....this first picture is hard for me to post, I don't look very good at all (not that looks matter....but ...!) Keep in mind I just had a rough for me labor and delievery

2 days post partum:
A few weeks post partum (cant remember exactly)

2 months PP

3 months PP
5 months PP

6 months PP 
7 months PP

And this is today at 8 months Post Partum! We are in the middle of a swing challenge, it has helped a lot w/ definition in my upper body...I am also working on chin ups! I love the feeling of getting stronger.
Let me lastly add I am only able to work out about 3 x a week, if I work out more than that I tend to feel like I am not producing enough milk, so I try to pay attention to that before anything else...because I do plan on nursing Leona for awhile longer :)

I would like to say that it is NOT about numbers on a scale, I could care less about those, but I do weigh myself every few days...just to see where its at. I am actually looking forward to when the numbers go up because I know I will be putting muscle and that weighs more than fat. I weight train so that I can be stronger, I can move things, lift my children and I think I like weight training  most because it is something my husband and I do together. It brings us closer when we can be at such a level where we are honest with our goals, limitations and each other!!!
I hope this has helped inspire some, I know for me looking back at pictures helps tremendously, so my advice...take pictures!!! Keep track of your progress...I do keep a workout log so that I can see how I am doing and when I hit new PR's.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do you do Charcoal???

Chloie and I decided to do a safe teeth whitening experiment!

We used Charcoal ( NO not from the bbq or fire pit!) We got it at our local health food store. What it does is the bad things hanging out on our teeth cling to the charcoal then you spit/brush your teeth afterwards. We both think the FEEL so much cleaner and I think they both were whitened, chloie doesn't think hers did...

Onto the results!!






Chloie's Results!!:




Interested in learning more? This is where I learned about this craziness!:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Can we give?

The reason I am in doterra and promoting doterra is because I love being able to help people, it is my passion along with the other IPC's that I work with. It was brought to my attention that one of the members on my team has been going thru a very rough time. I asked if I could share her story. I am sharing this story In hopes that we can raise money to get this family the doterra products they need. We are hoping to raise money to get him started on the DDR Prime and the Life Long Vitality supplements...and if enough money is raised we could even do Frankincense. Megan Miller has worked with this family and they understand the amazing healing properties these products have. These products will help in his fight and maybe even turn things around...we have to try we have to do something. So share this story around, please contact me or Megan Miller if you would like to donate towards helping them w/ some amazing doterra products.

I present to you, Bolta Nation:

On August 22 of 2012 my husband went into the hospital for what we thought was pneumonia. At 35, in the prime of his life...John was diagnosed with Leukemia. A.L.L. (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). It was explained that the treatment regimen would consist of 6 rounds of chemo followed by a bone marrow transplant... We were assured that due to John's age and good health, he would most likely breeze right through.

10 days into the first round...they were wrong. His liver shut down, his kidneys shut down, he developed pneumonia, and suffered from a 104 fever due to an infection that had passed to the blood.

On September 17, just 9 days from our daughter's first birthday we were told to say goodbye to John who was in writhing pain and unresponsive.

We waited and prayed...and waited and to the surprise of doctors John's liver miraculously regenerated just hours after a liver biopsy confirmed that it was failing.

A month later bone marrow tests showed that the cancer remained at 5%, a month after that John was in complete remission.

We enjoyed 7 months of remission. John gained his muscle mass back, through extensive physical therapy regained the ability to walk normally, and continued on with the healthy lifestyle he had always done...eat healthy whole foods, limit sugar and carb intake, and exercise frequently.

In June of 2013 after the return of suspect symptoms John went in and it was confirmed that he had relapsed with the cancer accounting for 95% of his marrow.

Since June John has underwent 4 additional rounds of chemo, had 2 major infections that required hospitalization, experienced a massive heart attack, and just recently had to undergo surgery to drain his left lung that had filled with blood. He is now showing over 95% cancerous in the marrow with a new cancer developing A.M.L, another aggressive form of leukemia as well as cancer of the lymph nodes.

They have given John very little time to live, mere months. He has been turned down for treatment at the top cancer clinics in the nation. He is too far gone for the medical community and they offer us little hope of a cure. We need a miracle.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Are you a new IPC for doTERRA!?

If you have just joined my team, WELCOME!! doterra will change your life and has changed my families life. We now have control over our health and wellness thru this amazing company. Essential oils give us the power to be in control. I like control over my family, so does my husband!!

Ok now your kit is on the way and should be to you very quickly...my advice once you get your kit is OPEN it and OPEN your bottles, try them, smell them...love them!!! One thing you will have to do now that you have essential oils is change your thinking, instead of oh let me grab the ant-acid...go get your digestzen or peppermint...or if little suzie has a fever do not use Tylenol use peppermint EO or I heard even Lime EO helps.

I want to add before you start reading my links and thinking oh great I don't wanna do the business I just want the discount, great that is just fine! But there are a lot of perks to maintaining a 100pv order ea month and I can build a business with you, all you do is share your love for the oils and you can very easily earn a check.

Some ways you can earn a check by spending your 100pv/month:
     * Fast Start Bonus, you earn 20% of whatever your person who enrolls under you spends. These people too just enroll for a discount, but see how easy it was to make $20 on 1 sign up for a friend who just wants a discount???
     * Loyalty rewards: You earn 10% back all the way up to 30% back (after 1yr) of what you spend. So when I order my $125 ea month I earn over $30 in doterra money to be redeemed whenever I want on almost anything I want!!
     * Commission: the more you share your amazing oils and people enroll the deeper your organization grows...therefore creating a good residual income w/ commission :)
     * Power of 3: once you have you and 3 friends spending about 100pv/month YOU get a $50 bonus...for just sharing!!!

So you see its very good to keep a 100pv ea month so you save money and build a business just by sharing your love for essential oils!!

Here are some helpful links!

This site you can type in illnesses and such and get an essential oil protocol and testimonies!!!

This site is helpful in learning if the doterra business is for you and how to get started (hint: its SUPER easy and fun!)

Getting started with your business:

This site has all the tools to share with your friends and family!!!

Need tools to go w/ your oils? Droppers, spray bottles or books?

And finally your backoffice link should have been emailed to you, check that out and log in and explore!

As always CALL me TEXT me or FB me and I WILL get back to you my goal is to help people, with their health and financial well beings!!

Again, Welcome to our awesome team of Zech Crew and Oils too!!!!

New Products!!!

Last blog I said I would go over new products that were launched at convention in October. Well I haven't forget about it, life has just been busy. I am excited to introduce to you some wonderful things my company has come out with. Its such a time we all look forward to when we go to convention...what are the new products going to be? How can they come up with even better stuff??? Well they always blow us away with the amazing things they come out with. Well for me they do!

These first 3 are FUN, I love the Cedarwood it is super calming to me and helps me fall asleep quickly, it also helps w/ bed bugs and promotes hair growth!

Juniper Berry  is good for digestion, smells nice and relieves stress.

New diffuser!!! This one runs longer than our current Lotus diffuser and the light can be shut off!
Next up we have the Facial Reveal system. Let me tell you I have never washed my face with anything but water. But this came in the convention kit I bought and they taught us WHY its important to wash your face, so I use this 1x a week now in hand with the anti-aging line we have. I can honestly say my face has NEVER felt so smooth and clean and fresh...its amazing. If you are in town I will let you use some its hands down the best thing I have ever done for my face. You wash w/ our facial cleanser 1st, then add step 1 for 1minute then add step 2 ontop of step 1 for a few minutes rinse off. I do this in the shower 1 time a week is all they suggest not more than 2x a week.
This one is one we ALL were super excited about!!! On Guard Laundry detergent !!!!! Its so awesome, the testing the did before hand showed it worked well and the testers loved using it. I love the fact that it kills bacteria and gross stuff in the laundry. I use it on sheets/towels and sick bedding...and diapers. I use in on our clothes some of the time too, I will make the switch fully soon. It works so well on everything!!!
Next up is some of our wellness products, we now have digest Zen capsules!!! And also On Guard Plus capsules, which have oregano, Melissa, black pepper and On Guard in them! So you take them in place of an antibiotic or when you feel like your coming down with something. They say not to take for more than 10 days since it does have oregano in it. And lastly we now have a Vegan Trim Shake!!! This is dairy free and gluten free!! Its made w/ a pea protein and it taste great. I am so happy they have this option now!!

So there you have it, our new products!! I hope I didn't forget anything! Please contact me if you would like to try any of this stuff, they are amazing products and I have been using them for the last month since convention. If you cant get all the new stuff at once our loyalty rewards program is a great way to try out the new products and earn a FREE product of the month ea month.

Contact me via email or facebook lisathena@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Post Convention EXCITMENT!

This was my 2nd year attending the doTERRA convention in Salt Lake City, UT. This year I decided to rent a car and drive the 9hrs south and GO!!! I did not expect anyone on my team to be able to go, but  was happily surprised when not 1 but 2 of my gals said they wanted to go!! 1 rode w/ me from Great Falls and my other downline flew in from San Diego!!!  This made the trip more affordable, woot woot!! Next year I hope to have my downline attendance doubled....

Elevate...our theme this year and boy does a good convention elevate you!!!
I will probably sound like a broken record alot thru this post. But i LOVE our company, the founders had a vision for how they wanted this company to go and they have done it! Every year growing by leaps and bounds....and all while empowering people and creating a nice living for their IPC's. This company was started debt free...all of the owners took 15months no pay and put thier houses on the line to start this company.....<---- that says so much !!! Most people go into debt 1st!

Thru this convention we got to grow closer to each other and learn so much! I am excited to let you know i will posting a series of doTERRA blogs coming up here...on the research, new products and business opportunities this company has!

I am expanding my team and hoping to help alot more people learn how to take charge of thier families health, because we CAN do most things ourselves and these products give us the tools...and I can teach you how to use them, they are my passion!  Also with this helping your family you can also build a nice business, it doesnt take much and w/in a few months your oils are paid for!! Which is So nice, then i can spend more on samples to help people!!!

I have a goal by Christmas...and i sure hope i can hit it!!

Look for more blogs about what we learned during convention!!! I bet you can not wait ;)

First up...NEW PRODUCTS!