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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten pound Tyler, the birthstory

I never wrote a birth story for my 1st and 2nd children. I will in honor of Tyler's birthday, write his story first!!!

Very quickly after Zac and I got married we became pregnant! We both were very excited for Chloie to have a new sibling on the way. Pregnancy with him was good, i got HUGE tho, gained 60 pounds...yup 60! We seeked Midwife care and planned on a hospital birth.

So at 40 weeks 5 days i woke up in labor (1 day before my scheduled induction). 8am we headed to the hospital...Zac had such a sparkle in his eyes, such excitement (this happens w/ every baby). My midwife got there shortly after we did, she said that i better have the baby before noon so she could make her 1pm tee time for a golf outing she had planned, who knew she would actually make it!!!

Labor was intense and going much quicker than Chloies. She offered to break my water i agreed...boy was that a mistake ..it made things so much more painful (always let your water break on its own!!!!!!!!) I was not mentally prepared on the process of labor (looking back i understand this) and so was in pain and panicky really. I did not want and epidural but agreed to an interthecal which provides some pain relief i was able to relax and chat w/ my midwife and zac thru labor. She stayed with me the entire time, i loved that!

Soon it was time to push, she told me to get a practice push out of the way...yeah that worked to clear my system....2x {so embarrassing!!}I think i ended up pushing for 20 minutes which was SO much quicker than my 1st delievery, so i was amazed at how well/fast that part went. I was so relieved once he was out! I heard the MW and Z say that he sure looks like a big boy! I looked and said NO, he isnt, he is perfect. So they tossed him on the scale....10lbs and 1oz!!! The placenta was huge as was the cord, like a thick rope! He nursed well right away. We called Chloie who was in MI for her summer visit.

After baby was born grandpa/grandma/aunt ali and uncle nate all came and met our boy tyler!! Annette helped me shower and get dressed while Z followed baby to nursery to make sure we didnt get any routine vaccinations and such.

Thats the story of our tyler boy! His labor was about 5-6 hours total and we left the hospital exactly 24 hours after he was born. When we all got home we all slept for a few hours!!!!

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