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Thursday, October 9, 2014

A new edition!

Before i get fully started on this blog entry....a little history!

1 year ago we started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University thru a local church here. Even tho we took some heat for doing it (it was wed nights at a different church) we stand by the decision and it was the best decision we could have made!!! I highly suggest doing whatever you can to attend the course it ran for 2 months i believe...well worth the time. Anyways we were challenged to get our finances in order and to become debt free and start an extra savings...and eventually pay our student loans and house off!! ( <--- this is in the future for us!) Anyways with a few months of setting up a budget and applying the "debt snowball" principle we were able to pay off all our credit cards, medical bills, small loans and other bills hanging out there!!!! Oh big part of what we do is monthly or every other monthly budget meetings to adjust if need be ...decide what to do with every dollar you have coming in. OH and we tithe now regularly...whereas before it took a back seat...now its the first envelope i pay next to grocery envelope haha! We praise God for this knowledge that was shared with us, and we even started our second savings. It took hard work and drive to stay on track. We do a monthly budget and lots of envelopes.

Fast forward about a year later and we still have no credit cards or loan debt (besides student loans) We do have some medical that crept back up again. Anyways we have been saving and saving. We had planned to start another envelope for a "bigger zech mobile" to save up for the next 2 years. Well an opportunity has come up and with how diligent we have been we have purchased our very first vehicle IN CASH!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited and feeling very blessed!!!!

This comes at a time where we dont NEED another car just yet but we will soon...these kids are growing so FAST. But the opportunity came and we are so excited to have a bigger vehicle...we will now own 2 vehicles with NO payments. I cant explain how exciting this feels to say that...its AMAZING this feeling we have....I am now rejuvenated to start redoing the budget and saving even more....because now instead of a new car fund...we will have a new siding fund because our siding is falling apart!!!!

I also have been thinking...ok this is not the color of car i would want even tho its my favorite color. The year also is sad we still will not own a car with keyless entry HA! We are going to party like its 1999 tho WHOOP!!!! I dont even care about the year and color . Really its a GREAT running vehicle and it will fit all of us plus an extra AND has huge cargo space...that is what we truely need...not the bells and whistles of a new shiney car ....

Currently i haven't yet handed over all these 100's....but boy am i excited to do it!!!!

Also we have a serious naming of the vehicle vote going on...the top contenders so far are:
The lean Green Machine
She Hulk
Hulk Mobile (hulk machine)
Turtle Mobile (or Turtile machine)
Leonardo....(tylers addition....)
Sparty?!!! (zac, what do you think of this one?!)

Anyways, here she is the new addition to our family!!!!!


  1. Yay for you guys! Such freedom! :) Great job and I love the green color. Our suburban is a 99 and we're saving for a new one for next year, hopefully.