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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Project

So last week while browsing around online (instead of doing laundry) i stumbled upon someones facebook post that talked about a Family Closet. Hmm.....what is that? So i typed up in my swag bucks search bar "family closet idea's" and BAM i got a ton of hits .....from moms that have done this...and they blogged about it. This POST HERE was such an inspiration to me and started my brainstorming process. I mean it is so smart!!! Why hadnt i thought of that?

A family closet is where you have all of your clothes in one room, not spread around the house in different rooms. And the best part you can make it ANY room you want to. If you have an extra room not being used or can re arrange to make part of a room open enough to build your dream Family Closet then DO IT! I didnt have an extra room ( with 4 kids HA!) sooo i went with another options that many moms have done. I decided to build my Family Closet in the laundry room! Zac and I have it split up i get the laundry side and he has a gym on his side. Well i had a table full of sewing stuff that i havent used in over 1 year, almost 2 years....(where to find the time!) So i went thru it all and cleared out a space. 

Now i first thought about building different shelfs and such and having hanging racks. I even went and talked w/ someone at Once Upon A Child to see if i could buy one of thier Z racks. Then went over to target to see what they had, love target! I found a small "z-rack" for MUCH cheaper, smaller, but thats ok. I used this for my lower pole and had Z install a bar from the celinig for the top rack of clothes. 

I decided to move Cullens whole dresser into the laundry room and keep all of his things in there...too little to hang up. And for the older 3 children i decided to hang everything except for pants/shorts and pajama's. We are keeping pajama's in a dresser upstairs where we get ready for bed. The boxes on top of the dressers are for each kid and contain thier socks/tights and unders.

And i didnt have near enough hangers so i had to go to shopko and buy over 100 hangers! Good thing they were 55% off :) This was after i bought the Salvation Army out of all thier hangers :) This will be so nice to just grab a hanger and hang up instead of folding, shoving into a basket and then taking upstairs to each room and putting away (sounds exhausting, doesnt it!). 

I am keeping all my stuff in my room still since i have a nice dresser and dont need the closet space for anything else. Zac already keeps his stuff down here in the laundry room, just on his side of the laundry room.

Here is my finished "Family Closet" i hope it inspires you! I sure love the idea of not keeping the couch weighted down by laundry and stuff being organized and put away. My hope is too keep the clutter down in the childrens room and have less "stuff" around. And who like actually "taking care" of laundry... not me, thats why it stays in a basket or the couch for some # of days ( we dont need to say how many!) Also this cost under $50 since all we needed to buy was the bottom rack and the hardware to hang a wooden pole.

Hope this inspires some to make a change that will simplify things!

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