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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Family of Kettlebells!

Getting Fit! I love supporting my husband in things he wants to do for himself, his family and God. So when Z wanted to become a personal trainer I  wanted to be behind him in his journey. I wanted him to do something he was passionate about, be excited about and to excel in. Personal training has been a joy for our whole family. We are learning to get fit together and having lots of FUN.

Not only is Z certified as a Personal Trainer, but he is an Hkc (Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified) This means he knows his stuff on kettlebells, NOT to be confused w/ KettleBALLS....which they get called often, makes me giggle. Anyways once he got his certification things have taken off with his training and I am really proud of him!

So onto our family of kettlebells we will start w/ the littlest of the crew....CULLEN! This boy may not know how to swing a kettlebell yet but he sure is interested in them. If Zac leaves them out he likes to stand up to them and jump/bounce up and down laughing. Or he will crawl into a pile of them and sit happy as can be, surrounded by these wonderful iron playtoys!
(here he is up to 2 35# kb and behind him are the 2 53# kb's)

Next up is our Myra girl or as some call her "ruff tuff" (ahem papa rick!) The nickname is such a perfect fit for her. She will "swing" anything she pretends chloies rain boots are a KB and will squat and swing between her legs..or the other day i found her swinging the puzzle rack between her little legs! That girl! She also has a song all about kettlebells, its adorable and everyone needs to hear it! Its catchy....Kettlbell Kettlbell kettlbell...well you get the point ;) She has her own little 3# kb and its adorable! She can swing bigger, but we don't need her running around w/ a heavier "weapon" LOL

Myra and her 3# kb (which her uncle nathan proudly has this same size kb!)

And of course we have daddy's boy, Tyler! This boy has his own 5lb kettlebell. He is very proud of knowing how to swing and i think he even knows how to press it! When his uncle Jeremy and uncle Nathan were chatting in the "workout room" he NEEDED to go in and show them how to swing....hey his dad is an Hkc....he knows his stuff! He will swing it a few times then sigh/set it down and say "i need a break!" and then he goes back at it! He is just like his dad for sure!

This is Tyler last summer swinging his KB ( i need an updated one!) And a sweet handstand that i had to post too!

And our future Iron Maiden, Chloie ! This girl when focusing can really do a great workout. Z is careful to teach her how/why and what to do. She is clearly going to be a Girl Gone Strong! She has a 10lb KB but it is clearly not enough weight to swing anymore. Its perfect for presses and the snatch (which she still is learning). Chloie can also dead lift daddy's big boy the 53lb kb! She is determined to lift/swing/press these kb's just how Z has taught her. He is always right by her making sure she is being safe, such a good daddy!

Here is Chloie swinging last summer w/ her 10lb kb and dead lifting the 53# kb

And it wouldn't be a kettlebell family if there wasn't a mama!!! Yes i absolutely LOVE training w/ kb's. I love the fact that Z can correct me/help me and teach me right from my living room. I started out w/ just doing the swing with a 15lb kb...i now swing with a 35# kb and have even dabbled with the big boy the 53#kb...I press the 15lb and squat w/ the 15lb kb. I am getting stronger and I find lifting the car seat AND Myra at the same time is getting easier. So is lifting my almost 4yo son. I can lift him w/ ease. This mom has never been very strong but i am getting there! I have some great people inspiring me to be a stronger woman, kettlebell strong! Adrienne Harvey with Girya Girl is an amazing show of a strong woman, thank you for showing how a woman can be STRONG! And of course, thank you Z <3 You are an amazing trainer!!! Maybe one day we will be a KB training TEAM!

So there you have it the Zech family of Kettlebells!  I love training w/ my family! Also i should add that Zacs brother, sister and parents all know how to swing a Kb too! My SIL and BIL train weekly with us. Its wonderful to train with your family! I love knowing and trusting that Z will teach us how to be strong mentally, physically and spiritually! We will grow together and stay fit together!


  1. :) Great job!!!!!!! Its so great that you're setting such an example for your kids! And what a nice t-shirt

    1. Thanks! And its my fav shirt for training in :)

  2. what a great post!! I truly believe that teaching our kids about being strong, healthy and fit is so important!! Props to you guys for teaching your kids!! :)

  3. Your kids are too adorable :)