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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Kitchen got a Makeover!

So its one of those rooms that almost everyone wants to redo when they buy the house. Unless you get lucky and find an amazing one right of the bat. Which in our case we did not! Kitchens, they are a staple in the house...everyone gathers in there multiple times a day, to prepare meals (ok, this one is me), snack and get a quick drink! And when you are the one prepare most the meals for your wonderful family of 6 you spend alot of time there, or you probably should be. SOO i have longed for a different look on our kitchen for some time now.

Lets start back when we bought our wondeful home almost 4 years ago. I was so excited about having our own home to live in just before tyler was born i could care less about the counter tops in the kitchen (or bathroom, hello BLUE!) But once the new house feel wears off, you start to get bugged by the little things. Now i am very thankful for my home and a working kitchen. But YELLOW, mustard YELLOW is not a color you want your counters...yuck! I mean i could have went w/ the 70's retro theme and put in black/white checker tile and a nice shiney red refrigerator BUT that was pretty pricey and i dont think the hubs would have loved it ;)

Here is the kitchen when we moved in...not that bad right??

Well Z knew it bugged me and there was no way we could afford new counters...we just bought a house ...so in reality we wont be able to afford really anything for a long while ...even now! So while i was back in Michigan on a visit my sweet hubs decided to paint the counters for me (yes they make counter top paint, who knew!) So i came home to new counters (to me anyways!) i loved it :)

Anyways we were wanting to paint the kitchen after we painted the dining room ( Jan '12) so they flowed well together... we debated actually removing the old counter tops. BUT the cost was absolutely not affordable. So we decided to be patient and wait... Then Z's aunt and uncle wanted to give us their old counter tops if they would fit into our space....i am so thankful for how generous they are. So Lonnie put the tops in....once they were in we agreed to stain our cabinets darker to make every thing look better.

So Z sanded and i stained and top coated everything....whew, wont do that again...wowza! Once everything was back in place we replaced the hardware on everything. And then i painted....

Onto the Before and After pics!

I still need to sew new curtains and add a few finishing touches. BUT i am loving our new kitchen and i am proud that i was able to do alot of it! We worked hard!

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  1. yay! that is amazing! I didn't know they made counter paint either...but guess if they make tub paint why not? that's great!