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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being a mommy and Kettlebells!

This blog is all about being a mommy and kettlebells!!! 2 things that are very much important in my life :)

Now i am not the best at sticking w/ a routine and i am what i call a "lazy" workout lady :) LOL i sit and take my breaks often...and it often takes me longer to complete a workout than most people!! But i do love working out and feel that even tho i am doing it slower than others i am doing SOMETHING! I am moving and i am building muscle and changing shape (in a few different ways! LOL)

I am journaling my pregnancy kb journey and will have a blog hopefully 3 months postpartum w/ pregnancy workouts i did, pictures and postpartum workouts and pics too!!! ( Sept time!!!)

Anyways i wanted to link some awesome places that i pull from for ideas, encouragement and goals to work toward!

We will start w/ Lauren Brooks...she has books and dvd's out and has Free Workouts on her blog and also pregnancy and postpartum workouts/info!

And Strong KB Moms on FB

This book i own and have read 2x now...i will keep referring to it during my trimester changes and for postpartum workout ideas!

You cant talk about Kb's and awesome women w/o this lady right here! She is so STRONG!!!

Now this is a group of ladies i always refer my friends and familiy to when they first start out w/ kbs!!!

And last but not least, my personal trainer w/o him i wouldnt have the motivation and know how to even have gotten started w/ Kettlebells....i hope we can one day open our own KB business...the 2 of us and our children!!!

So thats it, my fav KB sites...quick and to the point. have fun looking around and i hope you get inspired to go workout today!!! Grab a KB and get swinging!!!

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